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Story point rant

I’m no fan of of story points. I have tried it when using Scrum but didn’t really see the benefits. Instead we have used gut feeling to decide on how much to pull into a sprint. That has served us really well. The few times we failed to reach the sprint goal and didn’t deliver what we have promised, we held a RCA to find the real cause of the problem. After putting in counter measures we always come out a little bit stronger. Even without counting story points we have been able to increase the velocity when the team continuously improves.

I think what annoys me the most is that I have noticed teams getting caught in a dirty race to always improve the score no matter what. These kind of measurements should be kept inside a team motivating continuous improvement. Somehow it seems that a lot of teams get measured by outsiders for their velocity. That makes it really tempting to start gaming the system.

I have seen is teams that make advanced formulas to estimate how many points of their unfinished work they should count in this sprint and how many points that are left for the next sprint. The natural thing would really be to only count finished stuff and do some analysis to understand why we failed deliver what we promised. Some teams even count story points for fixing bugs they created in the last sprint. Sad.

Using kanban is always the first choice for me. Creating a flow and don’t have to adjust the work towards the sprint ending. When using measurements I like to choose measurements that balance each other to avoid gaming with the result. A combination of measuring throughput, lead time and defects have I found helpful.