Workshop: Safety Scan

One of the four principles in Modern Agile is “Make safety a prerequisite”. The reason for that safety is not seen as a priority is that priorities may change, but safety will always have to be there.

Modern Agile Wheel
If we take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we can see that safety is the second step towards self-actualization. If we want high performance teams creating software in a way that makes people awesome we need to make safety happen first. Only people that are safe will have the guts to do the experiments needed to create products that really stands out. We must have people that are safe enough to handle a failure, learn from it and then conduct a new experiment based on the new knowledge gained. If we want people to do their best they must be able to bring their whole self to work, without fearing to be punished in any way.

In order to put this topic on the agenda we have created a workshop called “Safety Scan”. In the workshop we look at safety from several perspectives (psychological safety, technical safety and fail safety) related to your team’s daily work. We will together discuss what safety means in your context and you will also have a possibility to rate the current level of safety in your team by doing a Safety radar. We will not suggest any actions in the workshop. It is your team that must come up and own the actions that needs to be performed. If needed we can of course guide you or facilitate exercises that will increase the safety in your team. When performing the workshop, Vegas rules will be applied (“What happens in Safety scan, stays in Safety scan”). You can be absolutely sure that the content of the session will not be shared with people outside your team.

A made up example of a Safety radar(Vegas rules remember… 🙂 )

Would you like to have us perform a Safety Scan on your team, contact me or Leif Ershag.


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